Health and Safety Policy Statement

R&M Electrical Group Ltd. is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors, and individuals affected by our operations. This policy outlines our commitment to safety and the measures we will take to ensure the well-being of all personnel.

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Our Commitment

  • Safe Working Conditions: We will provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment, and systems of work for all employees.
  • Training & Information: We will furnish employees with the necessary information, training, and supervision to perform their duties safely.
  • Legal Compliance: We will ensure thorough understanding and compliance with all relevant Health & Safety Legislation.
  • Responsibility: We believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility. All individuals involved in our operations, whether employees, contractors, visitors, or suppliers, have a shared duty to prioritize safety and actively contribute to maintaining a safe working environment.

Policy Implementation

  • Access to Safety Policy: All employees will be provided access to the Safety Policy during their induction, through a shared folder, and on noticeboards throughout the workplace.
  • Prioritizing Safety: Employees will be supported by management if they raise safety concerns that conflict with company activities.
  • Responsibility & Accountability: Clear lines of responsibility and accountability for safety matters will be established and communicated.
  • Regular Review: This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as needed to reflect changes in legislation, industry standards, and company operations, incorporating best practices for continuous improvement in safety.

By adhering to this policy, we aim to create a culture of safety where everyone understands their role in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

Group Managing Director

Issue Date: 01/02/2008
Reviewed Date: 24/05/2024
Issue No. 18