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Swansea Calibration Day

February 14, 2014

R&M’s Swansea Branch are pleased to announce that they will be holding a Swansea Calibration Day on Wednesday the 19th of February 2014.

The Calibration day gives R&M’s customers opportunity to have their “instruments” calibrated on a same day service at the R&M Swansea branch (provided the tester is dropped off by 1pm) at greatly reduced prices, whilst enjoying a bacon roll and refreshments!


Calibration Day OfferCalibration Day

  • Single Function Instruments £22 (normal price £32)
  • Dual Function Instruments £40 (normal price £60)
  • Multifunction Instruments & Kits £60 (normal price £75)
  • Portable Appliance Testers £40 (normal price £60)


The Calibration is carried out by Iso Certified “Express Cal” who are wholly owned by Kewtch Corporation – renowned for their test instrument range of products.  Express Cal is an expert repair and calibration service for all brands of electrical test equipment.  Their engineers have been involved in the design of test equipment so they really understand and appreciate the technology and are in an expert position to provide both repair and calibration services.

“This is the first in what we hope to be a long line of Calibration Days to be held at the R&M Swansea Branch.  It is a great opportunity for our customers to have their instruments expertly calibrated locally, without the inconvenience of losing the use of the instrument whilst it is sent away to be tested.   Not only that our customers can take advantage of our great hospitality and sample one of our bacon rolls whilst they wait!”  Gary Sullivan (Branch Manager).

R&M’s Calibration Day is being held at the R&M Swansea Branch  and is open to all – so please visit us on the day, or contact us for more information:

R&M Swansea

Unit 4&5 Charnwood Court

Viking Way, Winch Wen



Telephone: +44 (0) 1792 796 333

Fax:  +44 (0) 1792 796 888

Email:  swansea@rm-electrical.com

Siraj Naybur Supplies Zubair Oilfield Project

February 12, 2014

R&M’s joint venture partner Siraj Naybur, based in Basra, Iraq are midstream in a $26 million supply contract for the Zubair Oilfield Development Project.

The Zubair Oilfield is located in Southern Iraq, west of Basra and is one of the largest fields in the world, with an estimated 4.5 billion barrels of proven reserves.

The field currently produces 300,000 barrels per day.  R&M are involved in the supply of materials for the field’s expansion programme, with the aim of improving the daily yield to 850,000 barrels upon completion.

Zubair Oilfield Development Project – Material Supply

R&M‘s contribution to the project includes the material supply of:

  • Power  & Instrumentation Cables
  • Valves
  • Earthing Equipment
  • Lighting and Lighting Columns
  • Distribution Boards
  • Glands, Cable Ties and Lugszubair oilfield
  • Cable Tray
  • Cable Ladder
  • Junction Boxes

Zubair Oilfield Development Project – Laydown Yard Management

  • The supply of materials to the field has necessitated Siraj Naybur to operate supply chain management solutions within the projects laydown yard.  Responsible for the supply of Power & Instrumentation Cables, Glands, Cable Ties and Lugs within the yard, Siraj Naybur are operating four stocked containers, with three employees permanently on site.
  • We are also offering a wastage review process during the cable cutting process, offering advice on reducing consumption in this area.


The expansion programme of the Zubair Oilfield project includes the drilling of more than 200 wells, the construction of treatment facilities and collection networks in addition to the refurbishment of the existing plants, with a completion date of 2017.

Siraj Naybur is a joint venture with R&M Wholesale LLC, dedicated to the supply of electrical distribution equipment and services into Iraq, and is owned and operated solely by Iraqi nationals.

For more information, or to contact Siraj Naybur please e-mail them on info@sniraq.com, or complete your details on our contact form by clicking on the link.


Glamox TL60 – Innovative Watertight LED Luminaire

February 5, 2014




Now available through R&M’s Marine Division – The Glamox TL60 – a new lighting solution for demanding areas.

The TL60 is a robust, watertight, LED luminaire with an attractive low building profile and slim design.

It is designed for use in demanding marine applications such as car decks and engine rooms which are subject to extreme weather conditions at sea.

Glamox TL60 FeaturesGlamox_TL60_New lighting solution

  • Wide Temperature Range – from -35°C to + 55°C with standard configuration
  • Long Life Time – 100,000 hours at 45°C ambient temperature
  • Low Maintenance – the robust and solid diffuser system, state of the art LED technology and driver eliminates the need for maintenance
  • Housing – Seawater resistant aluminium anodized
  • Reduced Energy Consumption – The TL60 offers substantial energy savings compared to conventional luminaires, with a relatively short payback time on investment
  • Easy Installation – with flexible mounting options and mounting brackets
  • Marine Standards – designed and tested to marine standards, the Glamox TL60 is seawater resistant and has an IP rating of IP66 and IP67
  • 5 Year Warranty

“We are very excited at this new addition to the Glamox range of marine lighting.  The Glamox TL60 is at the forefront of LED lighting solutions for extreme  environments, and is the perfect solution for our marine customer’s demanding requirements – offering high specification LED technology, in an attractive, low maintenance system, but robust enough to stand up to the harsh conditions they operate in.”  Nick Jenkin – Marine Sales Manager

Glamox is a Norwegian industrial group that develops, manufactures and distributes professional lighting solutions for the global market.  Renowned for its marine lighting solutions the Glamox Group is a leading supplier to the world’s marine and offshore markets, and a significant supplier to the professional building market in Europe.

For more information on the Glamox TL60 or any of the other products within their ranges, including Aqua Signal, Luxo and Norselight, please contact our sales office on Marinedivision@rm-electrical.com or click here and complete our contacts page.

Hawke Cable Glands at R&M

January 29, 2014

Hawke Cable GlandsR&M Electrical are one of the largest stocking distributors of Hawke Cable Glands and Accessories in the UK.

We hold a large selection of both Industrial and Hazardous Area Glands, with a selection of North American Series Glands also available.

Concentrating on the popular 501/453 Universal Gland we currently hold over £100,000 of Hawke Glands to enable us to deliver to the majority of our UK customers within 48 hours *.

Hawke Cable Glands cover the whole spectrum of armoured and non-armoured cable and applications from general industrial through increased safety, deluge, flameproof and explosion proof. The Cable Glands are available in Brass as standard with Stainless Steel and Aluminium, as an optional material on certain designs. The innovative design features included in the range make Hawke Cable Glands the lowest lifetime cost solution.

Hawke Cable Glands Feature:

Hawkes cable gland range incorporates innovative features that increase safety, enable faster installation, allows inspection of the gland whilst in its operable condition and prevents corrosion of the cable armour/braid.

gland_features_group2Feature 1 – Unique Rear Sealing System – This arrangement offers IP66, IP67, IP68 (30 metres for 7 days), NEMA 4X and Deluge (DTS01) Ingress Protection.

Feature 2 – Unique Inspectable Compound Chamber – The pre-lubricated compound chamber can be removed once the compound has fully cured, allowing full inspection of the flameproof seal.  Minor surface voids can be repaired in situ.

Feature 3 – Zero Cable Damage – The unique diaphragm sealing system does not damage cables which exhibit ‘Cold Flow’ characteristics.  It is also the only flameproof elastomeric seal that can be visually inspected in operation. 

Feature 4 – The Original Reversible Armour Clamp – Simply by reversing the clamping ring, the cable gland can adjust to accommodate all types of cable armour or braid.  Hawkes RAC clamping system is also fully inspectable when positioned on the cable.

Feature 5 – Inspectable Deluge Seal – Offering IP66 and IP67 sealing, it is certified as deluge proof preventing ingress into the equipment and cable gland thus preventing corrosion of the cable armour.

For more information and a quote contact our Southampton Branch today:  Southampton@rm-electrical.com or click on the link and complete our contacts form.

* Some exclusions apply


Hager Sollysta IP66 Range – New from R&M

January 23, 2014

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The Hager Sollysta IP66 range is now available through R&M.

The Sollysta IP66 range of wiring accessories is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, where wiring accessories may be vulnerable to the potential harmful effects of dust or water ingress.

Manufactured from tough, durable thermoplastic, the IP66 rating assured total ingress protection against dust, and powerful water jets.

hager sollysta IP66Hager Sollysta IP66 Features

Designed to promote ease of use, security whilst retaining its IP66 integrity:

  • Dual action hinge, allowing the lid to be opened 180 degrees for ease of plug insertion and switch operation
  • Easy to open catch
  • Suitable for moulded plugs – its extended enclosure and extra wide gel seal mean even moulded-on plugs can be accommodated
  • IP66 complete protection from dust and high pressure water jets – conforming to BS EN 60529:1992
  • Factory fitted soft gen seal fits snugly around power cables to maintain the IP66 rating in use with the lid fully closed
  • Padlockable – A padlock of up to 5mm dia shank can be fitted to the enclosure
  • Knockouts – 20mm cable entry knockouts are secure and easily removed by pushing out from the inside of the back box
  • Drill out – If 25mm conduit is needed, then a clearly marked drill out position allows safe and precise use of a 25mm holesaw
  • Drain – The drain feature can be drilled out using a 5mm drill (n.b. this will reduce the IP rating of the product)

An extensive range of Hager products are available through our Southampton and Neyland Branches – contact them today for a quote by completing our contacts page or by e-mailing them directly on:

southampton@rm-electrical.com or neyland@rm-electrical.com

CEAG TX20 LED Hand Lamp New from R&M

January 16, 2014

The CEAG TX20/CX20 System comprises of a torch for Zone 0 and a Zone 1 charger, making it the ultimate multifunctional lighting solution for use in hazardous areas.

The TX20 Torch a can be used as a hand torch, a helmet torch or can be a permanently installed emergency light.

The Ceag TX20 incorporates a robust design with the lighting output you need, providing a very high luminous intensity.  It’s Ex rated features makes it ideal for use in chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants on and offshore.


CEAG TX20 LED Hand LampCeag TX20 led hand lamp


  • The charger and torch are continuously checked and any faults indicated by means of an LED
  • Optional safety feature allows torch and charger to be sealed together to allow the combined unit to be used as emergency lighting
  • If power supply to the charger fails the torch will automatically switch on (emergency lighting)


Maintenance Free and Reliable

  • Sealed and self-maintained rechargeable battery feature
  • Automatic low voltage shutdown preventing permanent damage to batteries
  • 2mm hardened glass
  • The torch will automatically switch to a weaker standby light when its charge is low – to extend its operating time


CEAG TX20 LED Hand Lamp Technical

  • For use in hazardous areas zones 0, 1 and 2
  • Operating cycle ca. 5 hours
  • High light output due to 3W power LED
  • Maintenance-free rechargeable batter
  • Emergency lighting function
  • Automatic standby light when battery capacity decreases
  • Inductive charger for Ex zone 1
  • Automatic function test of lamp and charger
  • Deep-discharge protection
  • High degree of protection – IP67


For full product details and technical information please click here

This innovative hazardous area lighting system is now available through R&M’s Assembly Division so for further information and a quote please contact them at Assembly@rm-electrical.com or complete our contacts page with your requirements.

Datwyler Pyrofil Enhanced Fire Alarm Cable – New at R&M

January 13, 2014

datwyler logo



Datwyler Pyrofil Enhanced Fire Alarm Cable (300/500v) is now available through R&M’s Oxford Branch.

This Halogen-free safety cable offers improved characteristics in the case of fire; zero-halogen non corrosive gases, flame retardant, fire resistant (no fumes), minimal smoke emissions and retains circuit integrity.

Ideally suited for fire alarm systems and emergency lighting for permanent installation in buildings, the Datwyler Pyrofil® Enhanced Fire Alarm Cable has a permitted operating temperature (at conductor) of +90°C.

This enhanced fire safety cable is ideal for new and retrofit installations, requiring no special terminations and therefore no special tools or ferrules.

Datwyler Pyrofil Enhanced Fire Alarm Cable has received global approval, having been tested to and surpassing both British and Internationally recognised standards.


Datwyler Pyrofil Cable Construction

1   Conductor:  Solid

datwyler cable image

2   Insulation:  Fire resistant special compound

3   Drain wire:  Tinned copper

4   Inner covering:  Glass fibre tape

5   Shielding:  Al-laminated tape

6   Sheath:  FRNC/LS0H


click on the link for further information on sizes and technical information

R&M’s Oxford Branch are able to supply wide range of both standard and enhanced fire safety cables, most of which is ex-stock and is available for next day delivery.

For those more specialist cable requirements the R&M Electrical Group have a dedicated cable division who are able to supply product from internationally approved manufacturers including:

  • Power Cables
  • Control & Instrumentation Cables
  • Elastomeric Power and Signal Cables
  • Data and Telecommunication Cables
  • Offshore/Marine Power, Control & Instrumentation Cables

For more information on the Datwyler Pyrofil Enhanced Fire Alarm Cable or any of your other cable requirements contact our oxford branch at:  oxford@rm-electrical.com, or complete our contact form with your details.

R&M Approved Supplier on Achilles FPK

December 31, 2013

Achilles FPK (First Point Kazakhstan) have approved R&M as a certified supplier on their supplier management system.

Achilles are a supplier management system, whose  general remit is to qualify, evaluate and monitor suppliers so buyers from some of the world’s largest corporations can develop long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with reliable, qualified suppliers across the globe.

Already operating internationally, Achilles has identified a need for a supply chain management data base that is specifically designed for those within the Oil & Gas industry in Kazakhstan.

The data base supports Kazakhstan buyers by working to identifying, qualifying, evaluating and monitoring suppliers on behalf of buying members – creating an effective supply chain network.

Achilles FPK provides potential buyers with supplier information for evaluation.   It facilitates an ethical supply chain by providing a systematic online search facility for supplier generic information on a standard industry platform, promoting transparency within the selection process.

“We are delighted to have been approved as a supplier on Achilles FPK.  As an existing operator within the Kazakhstan region we recognise the potential of the Oil & Gas markets within the area, and the need for an ethical supply chain relationship with key players.  Achilles FPK is the ideal medium to facilitate this” Julia Korolova (Business Development Manager – Kazakhstan).

Achilles FPK Benefits

  • Assist the Kazakhstani oil and gas industry to efficiently source contractors and suppliers
  • Act as a single service and focal point for supply chain information
  • Reduce the costs and time associated with supply chain administration
  • Sharing of information which is accessible via a secure online environment

Based in Atyrau and supported by the UK Exports division, R&M Electrical Group LLP is a fully registered Kazakhstan company capable of servicing both DDP and global FCA business.

The R&M Group has been trading in Kazakhstan since 1996 with the Atyrau office being open in the region for the last 5 years. The branch was officially re- registered as an LLP company in 2011, enabling R&M to meet the local content requirements more effectively.

For more information on R&M Kazakhstan or to contact us please click on the link and complete your contact details or e-mail us in the UK on  exports@rm-electrical.com, or atyrau@rm-electrical.com for our Atyrau office.

New from Ceag – EVZ Ex Pendant Light Fitting

December 18, 2013

CEAG EVZ PENDANT 2New from Ceag – EVZ Ex pendant light fitting, suitable for Zones 1 and 21, and now available at R&M Electrical.

Ceag’s (Cooper Crouse Hinds) new EVZ range is an explosion protected pendant light fitting for use with high-pressure lamps.

This stylish fitting is of an IEC metallic design and has been approved in accordance with IEC/EN 60079 regulations.

The EVZ range is suitable for us in gas Ex areas of Zone 1 & 2 as well as in dust Ex areas of Zone 21 & 22, and has been specifically designed for harsh environments with high extreme mechanical, moisture and dust hazards.

This versatile fitting can be used for wall, ceiling or pole mounted installations. Its robust construction lends itself to all applications of general lighting in hazardous areas, including oil refineries, on board ships & platforms, chemical, petrochemical & LNG plants, waste or sewage treatment.

The EVZ series is ideally suited for dust-ex hazardous environments, including grain mills, wood, sugar and food processing and all other combustible dust plants.

EVZ Ex-Pendant Light Fitting Features

  • ATEX and IECEx certified
  • Rugged copper-free aluminium body and tempered glass globe – no guard required
  • High degree of protection – IP66 for wet and dusty environments
  • Chemical and UV resistant materials
  • Light weight – easy to mount and handle
  • Option of differing external reflectors
  • Wide operating temperature range –    -40 °C up to +55°C
  • Two sizes available
  • Can be used with HPS lamps & MH Lamps

For full information and technical data click on the link alternatively, contact our Assembly Division on +44(0)1489 799 888, e-mail us on assembly@rm-electrial.com, or click on the link and complete our contacts page.

R&M Congratulates Lowe & Oliver on their 90th Anniversary

December 11, 2013

Lowe & Oliver are celebrating their 90th Anniversary this year, for which R&M offers its congratulations!  Founded in 1923 by Reginald Lowe & Herbert Oliver, the company was originally set up to service Oxford and surrounding areas with all of their electrical installation requirements – in what proved to be a fast paced and growing industry.  Today Lowe & Oliver have expanded to operate UK wide, offering quality electrical & mechanical services throughout.  Their customer base is diverse – from historic building renovations (including Blenheim House) through to commercial and industrial corporations. R&M are proud to be associated with Lowe & Oliver – who operate “By Royal Appointment” offering a wide range of quality services including;

Lowe & Oliver Services

  • Solar
  • Electrical – professional and high quality installation engineers
  • Mechanical – installation, maintenance & repair of plumbing ventilations, air condition systems, gas & water ducting, refrigeration services
  • Testing – of both Lowe & Oliver and independently installed systems
  • Design – professional design service – meeting all professional and industry standard drawings
  • Maintenance – warranties and customer support services for both Lowe & Oliver and independently installed systems.  Lowe & Oliver also offer their customers a 24 hour emergency service – if required.

Blenheim Palace

“R&M Oxford opened in 2007 – and we are pleased to be able to count Lowe & Oliver as one of our longest standing customers – in fact almost from the day our doors opened they supported us!  We are very happy to be a part of their continuing success both in the Oxford area and further afield. We congratulate them on their 90 years anniversary!”  Rik Walecki – Oxford Branch Manager.

R&M’s Oxford branch were originally set up to distribute electrical equipment throughout the region, but have expanded rapidly to include various prestigious supply and MRO contracts in the portfolio of services they are able to offer.

For more information telephone 01865 395353 or email oxford@rm-electrical.com Or call into our trade counter located on Peterley Road, Horspath Industrial Estate, Cowley, OX4 2TZ.

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