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R&M’s Cutting Service Experiences Growth

May 21, 2014

R&M’s cutting service for cable tray, channel and rod has experienced unprecedented growth in the last 6 months resulting in our Fixings & Supports Division taking delivery of a bespoke “Crew Van” Chrissy.

Chrissy transports our R&M Cutting Service support team to anywhere you may need us to go – either delivering your orders, or to help assemble our pre-cut strut or ready-made brackets and framework directly on your site.

The growth of the R&M’s Cutting Service has been helped by the introduction of our online pre-fabrication configuration tool – Build@Bracket. 

Build@Bracket is a very simple, free to use web based application.

You can use it for: cut strut requirements, brackets and framework/modular solutions.

Simply put in the sizes you require and the programme does the rest – including a quote and unique CAD drawing in minutes.

You can then choose to either have pre-cut lengths delivered to site in kit form within 24 hours, or if you prefer, our experienced pre-fabrication department can manufacture and deliver to site within 48 hours for pre-assembled orders.SUPPORT TEAM VAN

“Chrissy the crew van is a great way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.  We are now able to not only supply a design solution to our customers with our Build@Bracket software, but we can also pre-fabricate their order, or if required deliver it to site in kit form.  Our customer then has the choice of either assembling the components themselves or have our experienced support team build it for them” Steve Cargill – Director.

R&M’s Cutting Service – Benefits

  • Precision, clean cuts to your specific measurements
  • Reduction in wastage – you order the quantity you need instead of ordering set lengths where overage is discarded
  • Productivity is increased – your skilled workforce no longer has to spend time cutting strut to length
  • Reduction in the labour force needed on site
  • Health & Safety risks are reduced – by removing any cutting activities and cutting equipment from site

For more information or for a competitive quote contact us on fixings@rm-electrical.com, click on the link and complete our contact page, or click here and visit our build@bracket website.

Cutting Service for Channel, Cable Tray and Rod now at R&M

April 3, 2014

Cutting service for channel, cable tray and rod is now available through R&M’s Fixings & Supports Division.

R&M’s experienced pre-fabrication department are now able to offer a cutting service for any size of order – large or small.  This offers many of the benefits of pre-assembly, such as time, cost and wastage, but leaves the final work to be completed by the contractor on site.

By using our cutting service we will save you time, wastage and money:

  • Precision, clean cuts to your specific measurements
  • Reduction in wastage – you order the quantity you need instead of ordering set lengths where overage is discarded
  • Productivity is increased – your skilled workforce no longer has to spend time cutting strut to length
  • Reduction in the labour force needed on site
  • Health & Safety risks are reduced – by removing any cutting activities and cutting equipment from site

We are able to cut to your exact specifications including:Cutting Service

  • C Section Channels
  • Angle Iron
  • Paxoline
  • Tray
  • Channel, Channel Ends and also fit End Caps
  • Threaded Rod

This cutting service is offered to compliment the increasingly popular pre-fabrication service already offered to R&M customers.  Through our uniquely designed “Build@Bracket” on line software, our customers are able to design the bracket/assembly you require, produce and CAD drawing, receive a quote and place your order, all on one platform.  R&M are then able to deliver your order to site in 24 hours if your order is in kit form or 48 hours for fully pre- assembled items.

For more information about our service or for a competitive quote contact us on fixings@rm-electrical.com, click on the link and complete our contact page, or click here and visit our build@bracket website.

New Product: Flush Floor Trunking

March 15, 2013

ffuscreedR&M’s Fixings & Supports Division are pleased to announce that they are now distributing the RMS Flush Floor Service Outlet System, designed for the distribution of and access to power, voice and data services in screeded floors, particularly where flexibility in the positioning of service outlets is required.

“The advantage of using Flush Floor Trunking in screeded flooring is to do with the flexibility it offers!  The use of this type of trunking offers our customers the ability to re-wire and move outlet points without having to disturb the floor screed.  The overall and long term easy access to the trunking and the cabling/wiring it contains means that our customers get reduced overall system costs when compared to standard trunking!”  Nick Dyer-Smith (Director).

The RMS Flush Floor Service Outlet System consists of three main elements:

  • A service compartment trunking together with a comprehensive range of accessories.
  • A Flush Floor Outlet module which lies within the body of the trunking and can be located at any position along the length of the trunking run.
  • A wide range of power, voice and data socket plates

The Trunking and accessories are manufactured in self-coloured pre-galvanised steel. The trunking is supplied in two metre lengths, with three or four compartments as standard. Each trunking length has four separately fixed lids each 500mm long which when installed lie level with the surface of the surrounding screed. A comprehensive range of junctions, riser bends and sealing ends are available for use with the trunking.

Available now from R&M Fixings & Supports, contact us on fixings@rm-electrical.com , or phone 023 8038 6800 today for a quote.

Please click  click on the link for full product information

New Product: Framo 80 – Box Clever!

December 19, 2012

R&M Fixings & Supports Ltd are now in partnership with Sikla Support Systems – offering time saving solutions for M&E Contractors.

Framo 80 –

  • Non-welded secondary steelwork frame system
  • Thread forming shake proof fastening
  • High torsion resistance
  • Weight saving benefits – only 6.4kg per meter
  • 3D carcass construction
  • Easily adjustable connection components

The Sikla Framo 80 is a multi-functional support system for the modular construction of framing solutions.  Framo 80 allows multi-directional connection possibilities, with a strong, flexible light weight frame and carcass assemblies making it the ideal system for use in building, industrial and plant constructions.

With only a few components of this system, all common frame and carcass constructions can be achieved, with maximum installation efficiency being achieved with simple thread-forming shake proof connections.


The Framo 80 does away with the need for:

  • Hot-works or hot-works facilities
  • Specifically qualified staff
  • External structural design and engineering
  • Special tools or equipment
  • Paint shop or galvanizers

To full the full product catalogue please CLICK HERE

To view case studies please CLICK HERE

New Product: BIS RapidRail® WM35

December 13, 2012

Now available at R&M Fixings and Supports the new Walraven BIS Rapid Rail® WM35 Fixing Rail.

Complimenting the rest of the RapidRail® range available from Walraven the WM35 is designed for fixing medium to heavy pipe and ductwork.

The RapidRail® range boasts various rail profiles and an extensive range of accessories designed to make the process of fixing pipe and duct-work simpler and faster with a “Insert, Lock, Done” philosophy being key to the range.   RapidRail®  includes a  large range of accessories that are sold pre-assembled and delivered ready to use to site, cutting installation times by up to 40%.

 The WM35 Fixing rail is compatible with many of the accessories already available in the range and is suitable to carry accessories of other brands of 38/40 rail profiles.

The innovative WM35 design includes:

  • C profile for quick and easy fixing of medium to heavy pipe and duct-work
  • Continuous perforation allowing for hanging on both sides
  • The distance between the rail end and the first hole is always equal
  • Continuous graduated centimeter scale on one side
  • Material:  Steel 1.0242
  • RAL GZ-655/C certified


Contact us now for a quote on: fixings@rm-electrical.com or Tel: 023 8038 6800

New Product: Silavent Green Line HRX Range

November 6, 2012

R&M are pleased to announce that they are now able to offer the newly launched Silavent Green Line HRX range of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) appliances developed by Polypipe Ventilation.

The range incorporates advanced technology for maximum performance and innovative design for simple installation and operation.

Manufactured in the UK, the Silavent Green Line MRX MVHR are Building Regulations compliant, recovering up to 88% of a home’s waste heat. The units work by warming fresh air drawn into the building using the heat from waste stale air extracted from the kitchen and up to seven wet rooms using an efficient counter flow heat exchanger. 

Features include:

  • Very Low Fan Power for Reduced Energy Usage – providing quiet reliable operation and a higher SAP rating          
  • External Wiring Centre – preventing moisture damage to the electronics
  • Optional Frost Protection System 
  • Moulded EPP Casing – minimising air leakage, thermal efficiency and noise absorption
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Quick & Easy to Install, Commission and Maintain
  • Ideal for Installation in Kitchen Cupboards or Loft Spaces
  • Simple to understand and operate user interfaces built into the units 


The Silavent Green Line HRX range has been designed to work most efficiently when used with Polypipe’s Domus ducting systems. Domus ducting offers improved system performance through the exacting tolerances and engineered fit of the system, whereby pressure drops are minimised and air leakage virtually eliminated.

For more information on this and other Domus products please contact R&M Fixings & Supports at:

fixings@rm-electrical.com                  tel:  023 8038 6800 


New Product: Cable Basket Adaptor

October 16, 2012


New from Gripple and now available at R&M Fixings & Supports – The Cable Basket Adaptor!  


Ideal for fixing to cable basket with a wire diameter of up to 6mm and fully certified by Lloyd’s Register , this Adaptor has the added design benefits of:

  • Designed for use with Trapeze No. 2 product to suspend cable baskets up to 6mm wire diameter
  • Safe working Load 45kg @5:1 safety factor
  • Ideal for quick and easy installation of multi-tiered cable baskets
  • Supplied as a ready to use Trapeze Kit with a range of end fixings



New Product: Uni-Foot H Frame

August 31, 2012

The Uni-Foot H-Frame is an innovative system to support small and large ducting, pipe work or electrical containment, utilising the newly launched Uni-Foot.

The competitively priced H-Frame comes in the form of a kit comprising of:

  • 2 x Uni-Foot
  • 2 x Anti-vibration Pads
  • 2 x Angled Brackets
  • 4 x M10 Bolts
  • 4 x M10 Channel Nuts

All you have to add is the Strut!  Or contact us to take advantage of our Strut Cutting Service – fiixngs@rm-electrical.com

Made from 100% recycled, heavy duty rubber, the Uni-Foot allows the mounting of building services, such as pipework, electrical containment, air conditioning & refrigeration equipment on flat roofs.

Its fast and easy to install with no penetration of water proof membranes!

Contact us today for more information and a quote on;

e: fixings@rm-electrical.com                 t: 023 8038 6800                  f: 023 8038 6808

To view full information click on the link



New Product: Uni-foot Roof Support Systems

August 14, 2012

The new Uni-Foot range of products have been designed to offer an economical & time saving solution for mounting building services, such as pipe work, electrical containment, air conditioning & refrigeration equipment on flat roofs. 


  • Cost savings through its quick and easy installation and eliminating the need for difficult detailing
  • No damage to waterproofing – reducing leak damage
  • Easy maintenance of flat roofs
  • Even weight distribution on flat roofs
  • Can be used for individual installations or combined to support complete roof plant installations


“The Uni-foot has been designed to support all different types of electrical support systems – it is a flexible product that allows the installer to create their own solutions in any number of situations.  We are very pleased to have been given the sole distributor rights to this product, it complements our present range and we believe will be a great success for us!” Nick Dyer-Smith (Director)

Contact us today for more information    e:  fixings@rm-electrical.com, t: 023 8038 6800


Tapcon® Range of Masonary Fixings

May 22, 2012

New product range at R&M Fixings & Supports Ltd

Drill, Drive, Done – Removable high speed masonry fastening system that cuts its own thread into brick and concrete. Tapcon® reduces the installation time for electrical accessories, providing a secure anchor that can easily be removed when necessary. Using the Tapcon® range significantly reduces installation time.

To Download the flyer please click here

For more information on any of our services please contact R&M Fixings
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