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13 Jul 2011 | Filed under: Product News

Sikla Solar Framing System

image1-300x150Did you know that there is a way to build solar array supports cost effectively and efficiently?

R&M Fixings have joined forces with Sikla, who are a market leader in modular PV mounting systems and engineered solutions.

Sikla Solar is designed to be cost effective and easy to install and because it is based upon a traditional Strut profile, you are more than likely already familiar and ready to use it without any questions whether your application is a pitched roof, domestic install or an earth mounted Solar Park.

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27 Sep 2010 | Filed under: Product News

Product News: CABLOFIL used on Royal Navy aircraft carriers

mainpic02Steel wire specialist, Cablofil, is to provide the cable containment system for all data, comms, low voltage and weapons systems on the largest ships ever built for the British armed services.

The new Royal Navy aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales will each weigh 65,000 tonnes and are being built on numerous shipyards across the UK for assembly at Rosyth, with the first due to enter service in 2016. The ships are being manufactured by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, which consists of BAE Systems, Babcock, Thales and the UK Ministry of Defence.

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27 Sep 2010 | Filed under: Product News

Product News: Cablofil wins WIMES approval

mainpic01CABLOFIL to make water industry splash with WIMES approval

Cablofil has become the first steel wire containment system to gain approval from WIMES (Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specification) for use in water industry applications. Already a market leader in the electrical sector and now also used widely for mechanical installations, the Cablofil system is the steel wire tray product that meets the strict criteria set by WIMES.

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